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Hey there, my name's John...

and if you'd be so kind as to read on, I would love to tell you about the first time I fell in love.

It was the first day of my Junior year of high school. At sixteen years old I strolled into Mr. Hariss's photography course; the smell of film developer chemicals mixed with the sounds of snapping mechanical shutters had me in a dream state. Photography, with its endless technical aspects can seem scientific, but combine it with an artistic sense, and the art form is one that spoke to how my mind works. Needless to say, I was head over heels. From those days of beginning to pour myself into photography, it’s been an absolute love affair ever since!

I currently reside in San Diego, California where I live and work! Photography is my greatest passion, and while I have a salaried job to pay the bills, I will never stop chasing my passion of being a photographer. The puppy love stage may have faded out between photography and I, but being able to produce new, beautiful images for my clients is what keeps our love strong. When I’m not photographing, I love to surf, rock climb, cook, and spend time with my awesome family & friends! I’m usually outdoors, and always with a camera in hand; I've found that to be the best way to live my life!!